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Photographers Spotlight – MattzPixz Photography

MattzPixz Photography | Palm Springs | InkFX Printing

InkFX Photographer Spotlight interview with MattzPixz Photography

Studio Name: MattzPixz Photography
Studio Location:  Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
Facebook Page:

MattzPixz Photography | Fashion Gold Coast, InkFX Printing

What is your background and how did you get into photography?

My working life started out with an apprenticeship in cabinet making. Once certified, I left and joined the garage door industry as a service technician (bit of a change I know) but I was just tired of being cooped up in a factory all day building cupboards.

I wanted to get out and meet new people every day. I spent 3.5 years in that industry when I had a job opportunity arise to be a welder (another drastic change) in the Mount Isa Mines.

At that point I had been doing some travel, and the only way to keep traveling, is to make $$$. I took the job and relocated to far NE QLD where I spent 2 years working/saving and traveling.

On my travel journey’s I constantly found myself behind the camera. I just loved to share what I was seeing, with everyone. This ended up becoming an obsession, and I would find myself out at unusual times, chasing light and shadows.

MattzPixz Photography | TT MMA InkFX Printing

I just fell in love with taking photos, but I wanted more. I needed to truly understand how to use my camera. I then commenced a Diploma in Professional Photography via digital correspondence with The Photography Institute, in between my shifts at the mine.

After 6 months of study and saving, I was fed up with mining life and sick of going to a job that I didn’t like. I then knew what I wanted and made the biggest decision of my life. I knew I wanted to be a photographer, so… I did what any normal person does 🙂

I quit my job! Moved back to the coast and studied full time for the remainder of the course. Once completed, I spent the next 2 years constantly shooting and really getting to know and understand my camera/equipment.

Watched countless hours of photography tutorials and read numerous books and really crammed as much photog info I could in my head. I then stepped out and created my business, and have never looked back since! I can now say that I love my job! MattzPixz Photography was born!

Photographers Spotlight – Kylie Winder Photography

Kylie Winder Photography - butterflyfb

InkFX Photographer Spotlight Interview with Kylie Winder Photography

Studio Name:   Kylie Winder Photography
Studio Location: Orange NSW
Facebook Page:

Listen to the Interview with Kylie Winder Photography Now!

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Kylie Winder Photography - Snuggled-in-bluefb

What is your background and how did you get into photography?

My background is secretarial and Admin, but I’ve loved photography since I was a teenager and started out with a second hand Ricoh KR10 – with all the Hoya filters, Cokin adaptors and no idea what I was doing!!!

My preference has always been portrait photography.  I love people’s eyes and love to make them the focus (as it were).

Photographers Spotlight – Chantel Renae Photography

Chantel Renae Photography | Round Up

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Photographer Spotlight Interview with Chantel Renae Photography

Studio Name: Chantel Renae Photography
Studio Location: Meandarra, Qld
Facebook Page:

What is your background and how did you get into photography?

I was born and raised in Brisbane and moved to western Queensland at 19. I tried my hand at a few different industries – cooking, retail and teaching and finally settled into a life working in the woolsheds in 2007.

I have always documented my life in the sheds with some sort of camera, starting with a $200 Canon IXUS. Over the years …

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2016 is here and we’re insanely busy already?!! It’s January right?? I’m so pumped it’s not funny Infact, I’m soooooo excited I can hardly sit still long enough to type this!! haha 

BUT…more important than all that, we want to hear from you! FEEDBACK time – before you do that read on below.

Are you next?
We have some spots available for our Photographers Spotlight section of our Newsletter and also to be featured on our site & social media sites 🙂 If you’re a Pro Photographer and you’re interested let us know now!!

We have some exciting things planned for a HUGE 2016 and a big part of that is giving back to our clients and helping you succeed online.   …

Photographer Spotlight – Sheryn Ellis Photographer

sheryn ellis photographer freckle project portrait black and white

Photographer Spotlight Interview with Sheryn Ellis Photographer

Studio Name: Sheryn Ellis Photographer
Studio Location: Tallai, Queensland Australia
Facebook Page:
Instagram: @sherynellis

What is your background and how did you get into photography?

My first camera was a Kodak point and shoot film camera given to me by my parents for my 12th birthday. This was way before the ‘digital era’, (yes, I’m showing my age).

When I met my husband, he had a Canon SLR Film camera, kit lenses and a natural eye for taking nice images. I picked it up and started taking photos – I wanted to be better than he was!

sheryn ellis photographer child portrait

I was such a terrible photographer, I had no idea about composition, lighting or settings… what I did have was a desire to learn and from there I read lots of photography books, I took photos all the time and I kept practicing.

Photographer Spotlight – Karl Lindsay Photography


Name: Karl Lindsay Photography
Home Location: Bonnells Bay, NSW
Facebook Page:

What is your background and how did you get into photography?

I remember being given a camera in the early years of primary school, so I guess the interest started there.
But it wasn’t until the family got our first digital camera right before a camping road trip around Australia when I was in grade 9 that I really got into it more.

Photographer Spotlight – Jennifer Horner Photography

Horse back

Photographer Spotlight Interview With Jennifer Horner Photography

Studio Name:
Jennifer Horner Photography
Studio Location: Cleveland, Brisbane, Qld
Facebook Page:

What is your background and how did you get into photography?

I have been doing photography as a hobby since I was a teenager. My very first job out of high school was in an old fashioned lab developing film.

It was after the birth of my first child that I actually had the time to pursue it and learnt the …

Photographer Spotlight – Katrina Barr Photography

Katrina Barr Gold Coast Photographer 1

Photographer Spotlight Interview with Katrina Barr Photography

Studio Name: Katrina Barr Photography
Studio Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
Facebook Page:

What is your background and how did you get into photography?

I was a primary school teacher for over 10 years. I had always had a desire to be a photographer and while home on maternity leave, I decided to give it a go…. I haven’t looked back and absolutely love being a photographer! Bam! Katrina Barr Photography was born… …

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