Don’t buy another Chromaluxe Aluminium HD Metal Until You Read This

“Here’s A Very Limited Opportunity to Get Aluminium HD Metal Prints at 1/2 Price!”

For over 5 years, and making thousands and thousands of of amazing, beautiful Aluminium HD Metal Chromaluxe Prints and unfortunately that also means we’ve accumulated hundreds of ‘2nd’s’.

What’s a 2nd? It’s sheetstock that has a small often very tiny defect e.g. a pimple in the coating of the Aluminium HD Metal that is too big to be shipped as a ‘first’. Or a small chip on the edge. To be honest we’ve had many people call us after ordering a 2nd and say “Are you sure this is a 2nd??!! We can’t find anything wrong with it at all!!”

So to be honest when it’s on the wall there is a good chance that you will never see the ‘fault’ with it! If you order one that ‘needs’ to be framed we will call you before proceeding.



Absolutely stunning 40x60” Aluminium HD Metal 🔥🔥🔥 print your photos 🤘❤️ ...

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Another stunning 40x40” Aluminium HD Metal print hot 🔥 off the press 😀 enjoy 😀 ...

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This stunning 30x40” Aluminium HD Metal looks unreal. It’s going to make the room glow!! 😍 ...

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Check out this little stunner 8x12” Fine Art Canvas (sign up for our free newsletter on our website) and get a sample canvas of one of your images for only $7 + Shipping. Link in bio ...

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Having your photos printed is a great way to take you back to a moment in time that is special to you ❤️ just like how certain smells can transport us back in time to a particular place, printed photos can do the exact same thing. If you like the idea of having some of your precious memories printed and hanging on your walls talk to us 🇦🇺💯👍we’d love to help 😁 photos from your phone, drone or professional camera, you’ll be surprised how big we can print 🤘 ...

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Another epic 16x24” Fine Art Canvas 👌🇦🇺 ...

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More Monday morning Canvas happiness right here with this little ripper 16x24” Fine Art Canvas 💯❤️😁 ...

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Check out this little ripper 16x48” Panoramic Aluminium HD Metal Print. ...

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Inspired by Julia Gillard to Bring the Baby Bonus back

We know she (Gillard) took the bonus away so we’re bringing it back!

This is a 3-Day End of Financial Year sale too. We’re combining all the occasions into one!

Our new Epson Printer (“The Boss”), we also call it our New Baby! 🙂 (hence the baby bonus). And the End of Financial Year. It’s big.

This is a great opportunity to stock up. Order now, Upload later. No order limits. Go hard!


Any questions at all let us know 1300 90 30 65.

Clearance Sale

We’ve just received our HUGE shipment of frames (over 2,300kg of them)!!! As you can imagine it takes up alot of space. So I’ve gotta clear out our remaining stock to make way for the new!

So to celebrate we’re having a Clearance Sale.


$195 Canvas Giveaway

Enter now to be in the running to win one of the great prizes up for grabs in our FREE Giveaway! It’s not every day you can win a FREE 24×36″ Hahnemuhle 400gsm Fine-Art Canvas printed by InkFX Printing of one of your photos absolutely FREE!

Winners will be selected completely randomly by the system. The more entries the more chances to win!

(Example only – The winner can use any one of their own images)

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