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Aluminium HD Metal Prints: Look Just as Good, Last 4x as Long


Our high-definition aluminium prints are made on aluminium that’s coated with a special coating that the image is fuzed into. We use ChromaLuxe brand metal, which is resistant to stains, scratches, water, fire, tears, age-related yellowing – and lasts 200-400% as long as the world’s best photo papers. This means you don’t have to protect an Aluminium HD Metal Print under a glass or layer of laminate as you would with regular photo paper. When you print on metal, you get all the high-definition quality you expect from an HD printer – but with all the benefits of aluminium’s lightness and durability.

Since the photographs are printed on a special film layer, as opposed to directly onto the aluminium surface, the quality you see in each finished print is breathtaking. You’ll be saying “wow” every time you see one of our metal prints – and with a vast range of size options, from little ones 8×10-inch rectangles to large, 40×60 inch (100x150cm) pieces, you can get your photograph or illustration in any size you want.

All of these prints are produced here at InkFX Printing on the Gold Coast of Australia, using our very own Aluminium HD Metal Prints. Our next-gen printing equipment makes it easy to produce metal photo prints that make average photography look stunning – as well as top-notch illustration prints.

Which Images Look Best on Aluminium Prints?

The best thing about metal prints is that the images are directly fuzed into the coating of the metal which makes them resilient. This combines a medium which is unique, durable and incredibly classy on a visual level with the incredible accuracy of modern HD printing techniques. As a result, any image you choose to print on metal will look stunning – whether it’s a photograph, graphic illustration or painting reprint.

If you’ve got a photograph, the print will keep all of its properties. This means you don’t have to worry about your image losing vibrancy, contrast or colouring. And with the durable aluminium backing helping prevent surface scratches, dings and dents – as well as rips – your photo will continue to look great for a long time to come.

If you’ve got an illustration or computer graphic, you can use the futuristic effect of an aluminium print add to your piece. Texture is important – and by printing on metal, you’ll be adding a whole new dimension to your image.

How Durable are Metal Photo Prints?

One question we get asked a lot concerns the durability of our metal prints: “how long can I expect my photograph or picture to last?”

Well, let us put your mind at ease: you can expect an aluminium print to last you a long time! Not only has the ChromaLuxe metal we used been shown to last 2-4x as long in fade tests – it’s also impervious to all but the most spirited attempts to burn, scratch or dent it.

On top of that, the Gold Medals we won in both the State Queensland PICA / Printing Industries & Craftsmanship Awards and the National PICA Awards are testament to the quality of our metal prints – as well as the insane colour reproduction all the pieces we make.

The WOW Effect

At the end of the day, there’s one major reason to print on metal: what we call the WOW effect. Every piece of visual is a statement – and when you choose to print on a new and unusual medium like metal, you’re underscoring that statement with your bold, progressive choice of material. There’s an immediate, striking effect to a metal print – and the unusual rigidity of the metal adds a completely new dimension to any photograph or illustration.

You can choose to have your aluminium prints mounted any way you like, maximising the WOW effect. We offer both float mounts, which will make your piece appear to be floating over a wall, and a wooden, Italian-framed option. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for a tasteful, classical look or a modern one; your piece will fit right into any room at home or at the office.

In addition to the amazing clarity and choice of framing, you also get a choice of cuts. Your metal photo prints can be square, rectangular, or even circular – whatever you want, we’d be delighted to print it. Our #1 priority is providing the best prints in Australia, and we consider it an honour to go the extra mile to make sure you get prints that will keep you happy for a lifetime!

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Aluminium HD Metal Prints are a premium product that look and feel like quality that is seriously next level.

When people see the Aluminium HD Metal Prints for the first time 98% of the time the first words that leave their mouth are WOW! That looks amazing! They Look much better than normal photo prints and last 4x as long.

Our Aluminium HD Metal Prints are super durable have amazing archival qualities and incredible colours making them the perfect choice for any home, business or display setting.

By infusing dyes (inks) directly into the metal coating of the aluminium prints we are able to get an incredible result that is a combination of great colour, vibrancy, exceptional detail and a great resolution.

We have a number of great Aluminium HD Metal Print options. Including our Aluminium HD Float Mount Prints which are (Frameless), they have a hanging system on the back so they’re ready to hang on the wall but they look like they’re floating just off the wall.

Then we have our Aluminium HD Metal Circular Prints. These guys are the same as the Float Mounts above but they’re circles instead of Rectangles or Squares.

Then we have our Boxed and Framed Aluminium HD Metal Prints which are both ready to hang options with a selection of some beautiful Frame options. They’re fast becoming very popular and add a super sexy element to an already premium classy product. Click on the products below for more info and ordering options.

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