Custom Canvas Prints with a 200+ Year Fade Resistant Guarantee

Here at InkFX, we pride ourselves on producing canvases designed to last a lifetime – literally! We use original, eco-friendly HP inks that do not fade for 3+ years outdoors, where they’re exposed to regular sunlight… Or 200+ years indoors (away from direct sunlight). This is the highest guarantee in the industry, and a testament to the faith we put into producing custom canvas prints of the highest quality.

It is a matter of principle for us to produce flawless canvases each time – whether you’re ordering custom canvas photo prints or graphics/illustrations. Every time you buy with us, you get your canvas hand-wrapped, bubble wrapped for an extra measure of protection and protected by a custom-reinforced box. And even if anything should happen, we will replace your purchase FREE of charge!

And last but not least, the quality of our canvases guarantees unrivalled standards. We use premium, semi-gloss inkjet coating to ensure our work meets the highest industry standards regarding density, colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness.

If you order a canvas photo print from us, you can be sure that it will look true to life, accurately portraying whatever vibrant moment you chose to display. If you’re interested in canvas art printing of an illustration or graphic, you can be confident that it will be true to the artist’s vision – and your own expectations.
Which Images Look Best on Custom Canvas Prints?
The great thing about printing on canvas is that the material has a low amount of gloss sheen relative to other mediums. This means that the viewers will see the image itself first and foremost, without getting distracted by the finish on the material. This makes canvas a wonderful choice when you want the image, and not the material, to be the highlight of your piece.

One kind of picture that looks particularly great is the canvas art print. Reproducing a hand-drawn image or a watermark painting on canvas will give you the same effect and ambiance that the original had in your reprint. Another option is ordering a custom image in a classical style, and printing it on canvas to give it the effect of having been hand-drawn.

Just remember: Our Award Winning Fine-Art Canvas is in a Class of its own. We were fortunate to win a medal in the Queensland PICA / Printing Industries & Craftsmanship Awards for our Canvas. This means you can count on us to deliver a top-notch print regardless of the image type you have in mind.
How durable are canvas photo prints?
This is perhaps the best, and most important, quality of a custom canvas print. As you already know, just about every painting you might see in a museum or art gallery will be on a canvas. This is because the material is hardy, durable and great at keeping images without them losing their intrinsic qualities. Its only weakness is fire – but unless you actively try to burn your canvas, it should last you a whole lifetime… Which is why we’re so happy to provide you with a 200+ year guarantee on our canvas art and photo prints printed here at InkFX!
What Canvases do we Use?
We use a beautiful mix of fine-art cotton and poly blend to make our canvases, which weigh in at 380 (gsm) grams per square meter and feature a high quality semi-gloss surface that looks like HD photo paper. This material is perfect for reproducing hand-painted images as well as photographs, graphic art and anything in-between. The coating we use on our canvases means you can stretch your canvas cleanly using wooden stretcher bars without seeing any cracks or excessive distortion.

Another ripper for Oran @oran_hassidim_photography__ boxed Fine Art Canvas with our Whitewash frame 🔥 super stoked with how good this has come up. ...

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Check out this EPIC photo by @oran_hassidim_photography__ Noosa (if you get a chance visit his amazing gallery in Noosa) the glass house mountains are absolutely stunning 🤩 40x60” Aluminium HD Metal print 🔥❤️ ...

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⭐️✨🌟 Canvas ain’t what it used to be 20 years ago! The detail you can get now on our fine art canvas is nothing short of sensational ❤️👌 ...

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Another stunning Fine Art Canvas!! Silly season is fast approaching 😜 we’d love to print your photos for you before Christmas! 🎄🎅🎁 Free shipping for orders over $100 ❤️✅ ...

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24x36” Fine Art Canvas 🔥🔥🔥 ...

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Sunday fun day ❤️ @inkfxprinting #printyourphotos ...

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Stunning custom Aluminium HD Metal Print ❤️❤️❤️ #printyourphotos #inkfxprinting ...

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20x30” (50x75cm) Fine Art Canvas ❤️ Print Your Photos here @inkfxprinting ...

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A Touch of Class
The primary reason to print on canvas is the pure class that custom canvas prints project. No matter what you choose to print, it’s going to look tasteful. Even pop art looks classier and more refined when it’s on a canvas!

That’s because there’s an instant gut-level connection when someone sees an image on this material. One can’t help but think back to museums and art galleries, as well as flashy house paintings.

And the great thing is that you can get your canvas photo prints (and art pieces) in a wide range of shapes!

First are the rectangle and square options. These are perfect for traditional photographs and images, and look great on any home or office wall. They’re a timeless, multi-use option that works every time. But if you want something a little more artsy, there’s the panoramic option – as well as the boxed one that comes with a thick frame for added effect.

We also do Aluminium HD Metal Photo Prints and other types of Prints on Canvas.

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