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How to Add a Little Drama in Photoshop

Editing your photos shouldn’t have to be tough work. You should be able to add some pop to your photos in Photoshop in seconds not hours!

Add a little drama in Photoshop

In this video I’ll quickly show you a couple of tips to make your photos pop quickly and easily. These changes are with ‘adjustment layers’ the Curves adjustment layer and also a Photo Filter adjustment layer so they are non-destructive to the image and easily changed or reversed.

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How to Use the Content Aware Tool in Photoshop

As photographers and lovers of good images even though we’ll always try and do our best in camera to take the perfect shot sometimes unexpected things happen. This is where using the Content Aware Tool in Photoshop can come in very very very handy! (did I say that enough times??!! LOL)

Using the Content Aware Tool in Photoshop

Ever had someone spoil that perfect pic by photo bombing? Or something that just doesn’t look right in your shot that would be better removed?

We use the Content Aware Tool every day here at InkFX Printing from minor edits to major image enhancements. It’s generally super …

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How to Crop and Size Your Images

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial on Cropping and Resizing

Here at InkFX we see hundreds and hundreds of files every week from hundreds and hundreds of different photographers. Some Professionals, some Semi-Professional and some Amateurs, this is why we have made this article on How to Crop and Size Your Images and we hope you like it! 🙂

Some people know how to crop and size their images correctly and therefore get a consistent result every time with their …

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How to Create Your Own Photoshop Brushes

Today I just wanted to share a Video with you that I created a little while ago. It has been reasonably popular. It’s really for the ‘creative’ type of people who would like to add a bit of spice to their images using brushes. This type of thing is great for Wedding Photography, Baby Photos and even portraits. You can add cool borders or effects and have total control over them!

If you enjoy the video please leave a comment below!

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How to Quickly Tell if Your Image is the Right Ratio to Print

Hey there groovers, well in todays little tip I’m going to show you how to SUPER SUPER Quickly tell if your image is the right ‘Ratio e.g. Width and Height for the Canvas or Photographic Prints you want to order.

STEP 1: Select the Crop Tool.

STEP 2: Enter the Width e.g. 30 in or whatever you want to check. For this example let’s check to see if a 30″ wide by 20″ high will work.

STEP 3: Enter the Height (20 in), then click the TAB key or hit the Enter key.

Then our crop tool will show us, either it will go to the edges of our image or it will crop part of the top or the sides off. This does not actually crop our image UNTIL we click the Commit button, hitting enter/return or double clicking inside the crop area. If part of your image needs to be cropped that’s fine you can take care of it immediately and position the crop box where you want it on your image for the best result.

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How to Upload Your Images to InkFX Printing

So you want to order some prints, canvases or other printing from Ink FX Printing! Great stuff.

The first thing you need to do is place your order!

Step 1

Order all the products you want.

Step 2

Once your order is complete and your payment has been made you can then upload your images for your order.

You can always find all of your orders (Order History) here it will look something like this (see below).

You just need to click on the ‘Orange‘ order number to check the full details of your order and then upload your photos for your order. Once you click on the link to your order or enter the Order number you will see something like this below.

Then just click on ‘Upload Files’

Then you can just click the ‘Select Files’ OR Just drag and drop your files to be uploaded into the box (dashed border box) and they will begin to upload.

This is How you Upload Your Images at InkFX Printing. If you have any questions, feedback/suggestions or issues let us know!

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