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Photographer Spotlight Interview with Katrina Barr Photography

Studio Name: Katrina Barr Photography
Studio Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
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What is your background and how did you get into photography?

I was a primary school teacher for over 10 years. I had always had a desire to be a photographer and while home on maternity leave, I decided to give it a go…. I haven’t looked back and absolutely love being a photographer! Bam! Katrina Barr Photography was born…

I think my teaching background really helps me when working with children… parents often comment on how patient I am or about how surprised they are that I got photos of their child/children when they had been convinced it wouldn’t happen.

Being able to give parents a beautiful photo of their child… or a beautiful sibling photo makes me so happy… I know how important it is to me as a parent.

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What type of photography do you shoot?

I pretty much do it all at this stage! Families, children, newborns, weddings. I love being with people!

What is your favourite type of photography?

I love weddings and newborns the most! I love spending the day watching people in love. I always feel so honoured to be given the job of capturing someone’s special day.

Weddings are fast, exciting and my feet hurt at the end of the day but I always feel a massive rush and no matter how tired I am, I can’t wait to upload my photos and edit a sneak peek!

I also love photographing newborns. I have workshopped with Kelly Brown and Rachel Vanoven from the US. I love capturing the innocence of a newborn and the huge love parents have for their tiny human!

Katrina Barr Gold Coast New Born Photographer

What is your photographic style? How did you develop this style?

I am a natural light photographer. I try to have a relaxed style where not all of my photos are posed.

Of course I try for some of those great ‘everyone looking and smiling’ photos, but I also love capturing the snuggles, laughter and craziness of life!

My style is continually changing and maturing as I become more experienced but I think I stay true to natural, relaxed and lots of light.

I love looking at the work of other photographers and this has probably helped me to develop my own personal style… working out what speaks to me.

What is in your photography kit?

I have 2 x Canon 5D Mark II cameras, 24-105mm lens, 50mm lens, 100mm macro lens, 70-200mm lens, 15mm fish-eye lens (which is so much fun!!), 580 EXII flash.

I also have some elinchrom lighting for my studio and a portable set which I take to weddings for dramatic off camera flash set ups.

Katrina Barr Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

What is one piece of photography kit you just couldn’t live without?

Apart from my camera, I couldn’t live with out my 50mm lens! I love it!

What post processing tools/software do you use?

I use Bridge and Photoshop…. I use a mixture of hand editing and actions. I have created a workflow for myself which gives a bright and airy look to my edits which is the look that reflects my branding and style.

What is your best photography tip and post processing tip?

Best photography tip would definitely be to try your best to ‘get it right in camera’….. I know so many people say that. But when I started to actually manage it, I realised how much easier life was!

My editing became easier because I wasn’t trying to fix my mistakes and my photos became more consistent.

Best editing tip would be to work out your style and edit consistently… people want to be able to put multiple photos from a session on a wall together… editing your photos in the same style will help you to tell the story and make your photo display an amazing statement that wows everyone who sees it!

I often have people comment that they can see which photos are mine just by looking at my editing style… I still experiment and my style evolves for sure but I try to not be haphazard!! Oh and one more…. don’t over edit!

Skin shouldn’t look plastic, people should still look like themselves and if you choose to use actions, they don’t necessarily go on full strength…. adjust and make it look right!

Katrina Barr Photography

What was your greatest challenge so far as a professional photographer?

Probably trusting myself and taking myself seriously…. Once I started trusting myself and believing that I could do this I noticed my work started to reflect more confidence.

I started to enjoy myself rather than worrying and second guessing myself! I love what I do!

What is your favourite InkFX medium to have your work printed on & why?

I love canvas! I have a few big canvases in my house and have printed loads for my clients… people are always super impressed. I also really love InkFX’s aluminium….. so stunning!

If you were able to give any advice or recommendations to someone starting out in their Photography career what would it be?

Try not to get disheartened…. you have to make lots of mistakes to learn – but make sure you learn from the mistakes that you do make. Start out photographing your friends and their children, do free sessions and only start charging when you have a bit of a handle on what you are doing. Practise, practise, practise! No matter how long you are at it, you are never finished learning!

Any last words of wisdom or advice?

I am lucky that I get to do what I love each day! Photography has helped me to meet so many great people!

I have made friends that have started out as clients, I have done things I never thought I would and I have learnt so, so much!

I guess I would encourage people to do what makes you happy. Yes, you need to pay the bills…. but even if you do something as a hobby… do it! I also encourage people to get photos taken and be IN photos!

Our children don’t care whether we are carrying a little weight, they don’t care whether we have a double chin, they don’t care whether it is our ‘best smile’…. our children want photos of us and with us.

They want photos to treasure and look back on – photography captures our memories forever! Even as a photographer, I still get our family photos done.

Oh, and print photos! It is great getting a USB of images…. but a USB doesn’t look impressive stuck to a wall…. gorgeous photos do!

Katrina Barr

Katrina Barr Photography
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