Removing Tattoo’s With This Cool Blend Mode Technique in Photoshop

Blending modes are so powerful and can be used in so many ways. In this video I’ll cover how to get smooth realistic results for editing out a Tattoo and matching the surrounding skin.

Leave a comment below with any feedback if this helped 😉

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2020 Christmas Order Deadlines & Closing Dates

2020 Hasn’t been an ordinary year to say the least. All couriers including Aust Post are experiencing massive volumes & longer than usual delivery times. Leading up to Christmas things tend to get pretty wild so to avoid missing getting your orders before Christmas please try get them in ASAP and with a little patience and magic the InkFX Elves can work their magic 😉

Closing Dates for 2020

Closing: Wednesday 23rd December 2020 12 noon

Reopening: Monday 11th January 2021 9am

Order Deadlines for 2020

Aluminium HD Metal Cut-Off Dates
4th December, 2020 (some flexibility especially if sizes in stock)

Canvas Cut-Off Dates
11th December, 2020 (some flexibility / depending on your location)

Paper Prints Cut-Off Dates (some flexibility / depending on your location)
11th December, 2020

Framed Prints Cut-Off Dates
1st December, 2020

Cut-off dates do not allow for remote/rural shipping addresses. If you need something shipped to Humpty Doo in N.T. or Broome W.A. then please obviously get your orders in ASAP to avoid any disappointment.

Couriers and shipping companies put on extra staff and try to go the extra mile around Christmas to ensure everyone get’s their goodies in time for Christmas, but sometimes if they don’t have enough time they just can’t perform their magic!

Urgent / Rush Jobs after Cut-Off Dates?

We’ll try and help you wherever we can. Rush Service is available (where your job can ‘leap frog’ to the front of the queue if required for urgent jobs. Otherwise jobs are completed in the order they are received.

We do have some flexibility with the cut off dates especially for CANVAS and PAPER PRINTS and some ALUMINIUM HD METAL (as long as we have the size you need in stock!) so please CALL us if you’re wondering if it’s possible. We’ll try and work some magic for you if it’s humanly possible.

Please phone us 1300 90 30 65 or 0426 455 779 for any specific requests and keep an eye on our Instagram Stories & Facebook page for current turnaround times. But, don’t be afraid to call or jump on live chat to confirm.

If you order but do not upload we will not be able to process your order. I know seems obvious but 🙂

2020 Christmas Order Deadlines & Closing Dates Read More »

COVID-19 Update – We’re Open

We’re still Open and operating as normal….well almost normal

Operating Hours

Our operating hours are slightly limited mainly due to the lower work volume.

We’re now open 9am – 3pm, Monday – Friday.

Impacts on operations

We still have FREE Shipping for all orders over $100. We have been shipping Australia Wide and also Internationally (actually quite a lot internationally of late).

We have noticed that Shipping times have been taking longer with Australia Post and all other courier services due to everyone being stretched at this crazy time, please allow for that if you have an urgent deadline.

Can I pick up my orders?

Technically you can… BUT…we’d prefer everything to be shipped. So unless it’s some kind of emergency and you simply can’t afford to pay for shipping please choose to have your orders shipped. This just helps avoid any further contact or potential spreading of Covid-19 (Corona Virus).

If you ‘must’ pick up your orders Please do NOT come inside our workshop. You will have to pick up your order from our Pick-up Box out the front of the workshop.

Phone, Live Chat and Email Support

Are you even there I hear you say?

We’re running skeleton staff at the moment and I’m (Shane) am back on the tools full time now, including phone, live chat, email etc. so the reality is I’m a little slow sometimes and not quite as prompt as far as answering the phone, emailing back at lightning speed and even missing the odd live chat.

Please be patient. Live chat is great if you catch me on it as we can generally work anything out on there.

Phone 1300 90 30 65 or 0426 455 779
Live Chat (bottom right of the website – click to chat)

We’re here to help

Are you struggling with this whole isolation thing? Has business slowed or come to a standstill? If you want to chat and bounce some ideas off someone regarding business and moving forward we’d love to chat call us 1300 90 30 65 OR 0426 455 779 and we can brainstorm together.

It’s actually amazing some of the cool ideas that people are coming up with to keep things moving. We are living in unique times that will certainly shake up the industry with some leaving the industry, others sticking around cementing their place in the market.

Market(ing) Opportunities for Photographers

Do you have a database of existing clients?

Do you have a mailing list of your customers? Past present and ‘leads’?

With the limited capacity to be able to physically get your customers into your studio or on location for a shoot you can be guaranteed that there are alot of your contacts/customers etc. who have photos they need printed or would like to deck the house out since they’re couped up!

You could email OR ideally make it more personal and physically PHONE each of your customers, have a chat, Find out how you can help them, let them know that you’ve put together a special for your valued existing clients if they order xxxxx they get xxxxxx FREE + a Gift Voucher for their next shoot (as an example), you’ve worked out a special deal with your Pro Lab Professional Printer and you’re able to do xxxx for them. (We can ship direct to them for you WHITE LABEL!!)

Driveway Shoots!

I’ve seen this going on in the USA and also in Australia photographers doing ‘Driveway shoots’ where you organize a time with your clients you drive up to their house.

The family get’s all dressed up for their Photo Shoot on their front lawn, garden, in front of their house, tree, fancy car or whatever they like. (You give them clear instructions – just a few dot points on how it works BEFORE you get there).

You do the shoot from a socially responsible distance to get a few great shots (for whatever package you put together as your Corona Driveway Shoot Special / or I’m sure you can come up with a better name with a little brainstorming 😉)

Then we can print and ship direct to your customer!

Anyway, that’s just a few ideas, if you have some extra time, sit down with a pen and paper and work out who is still employed e.g. Emergency services, Police, Fire, Ambo, Doctors, Nurses etc etc etc and then come up with ways that you can connect or market towards those groups of people who would probably love to have a shoot done (in their front yard or wherever) that is legal, and responsible.

Let me know if this is helpful. Let’s chat!

COVID-19 Update – We’re Open Read More »

Affinity Photo Overview of the Software

Watch this little promo and introduction for Affinity Photo.

Affinity Photo by Serif is a new photo editing software that is very similar to Photoshop but there is no ongoing monthly cost. It’s a one time fee and it’s VERY AFFORDABLE at only $30.99 for the iPad version or $79.99 AUD for the Mac or Windows version.

My first impressions of the software was just how similar to Adobe Photoshop it is, that it runs very fast and it actually seemed pretty smooth transitioning over from Adobe Photoshop to Affinity Photo and of course it’s price! (See below) it’s sooooo cheap, I was actually (fist pumping) surprised at how affordable it is for what you get!

Could this be the end of Adobe Photoshop? or could this be a new player on the market that fills a space that Adobe isn’t willing to fill.

Watch the video below for a bit of an overview of the UI.

Leave a comment below on what you think about Affinity Photo and whether you think it could replace Adobe Photoshop for editing photos. I’ve been using it now for a good few months and I have to say I’m very very impressed with it.

It’s fast, easy to use and seems to be able to do everything that you can do in Photoshop (sometimes it’s almost identical, other times there is a slightly different way of doing things).

One thing that isn’t available in Affinity Photo is a replacement for Photoshop Actions. This maybe something that is added in future versions but that is yet to be seen.

Let me know if you would like to see more tutorials or have more info about Affinity Photo. Have an awesome day. Leave a comment below now with any thoughts.

Affinity Photo Overview of the Software Read More »

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