Photographer Spotlight – Sidd Rishi Photography

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Photographer Spotlight Interview with Sidd Rishi Photography

Studio Name: Sidd Rishi Photography
Studio Location: Sydney, Australia

What is your background and how did you get into photography

My family went on a safari trip when I was young and I had a 2 megapixel cheap digital camera and my older cousin brought his big DSLR with all the lenses you could dream of, to this trip.

Little did I know he was actually a professional wildlife photographer and I was just amazed at what he was capturing.

I always liked photography, but since I was young I couldn’t afford it. So from that trip my cousin inspired me to get into photography and soon as I got back home I purchased a 2nd hand DSLR from a friend and just started taking photos of absolutely anything.

I think my friends got sick me posting photos of flowers from my backyard!! The rest is history as they say and Sidd Rishi Photography was born.

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What type of photography do you shoot?

Apart from weddings I also offer Newborn Photography, Family Photos, Model buildup portfolio for models and Corporate Head shots


What is your favourite type of photography?

Weddings of course. What I love is that every wedding is always different which means each weekend you do something different.

What is your photographic style? How did you develop this style?

More natural, modern and candid style of photography.


What is in your photography kit?

Canon 5dmk3’s
Most L lenses (35L, 50L, 100L macro, 135L)
70-200f2.8 m2
85 f1.8

Lots of studio gear as well.

What is one piece of photography kit you just couldn’t live without?

My strobes (love using off camera lighting)


What post processing tools/software do you use?I use

AdobeAdobe lightroom 5 and Photoshop CS6


What is your best photography tip and post processing tip?

Best tip for wedding photographers – Bring spare change of clothes to a wedding. You never know when that drunk guest will spill beer all over you or that one time you squat to take a pic and your pants split (true story) hahahah..

Processing tip – Always keep it simple and build from there to make it your own unique style.


What was your greatest challenge so far as a professional photographer?

Trying to balance work and personal life. Hopefully this year I can shoot a little less and spend more time with family and friends.


What is your favourite InkFX medium to have your work printed on & why?

Definitely the Aluminium HD Metal Prints. Love the colours and that gloss look. Makes your pics look super-duper awesome!!

If you were able to give any advice or recommendations to someone starting out in their Photography career what would it be?

Be ambitious, be proud of what you do, be happy, make your clients happy, smile and stay positive. Photography can take you to so many places so just be yourself, build your business up and rest will follow.


Any last words of wisdom or advice?

Get your prints from INKFX and your clients will love you even more!!!

Sidd Rishi
Professional Photographer

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  1. Thanks for the kind words everyone 🙂

    Martine – Yup thats what I love doing.

    Thanks once again for sharing my story here. I absolutely love getting my prints printed from you Shane and I love how enthusiastic you are and always pushing yourself further to bring better and bigger things to your clients.

    Cheers 🙂


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