How to Use the Content Aware Tool in Photoshop

As photographers and lovers of good images even though we’ll always try and do our best in camera to take the perfect shot sometimes unexpected things happen. This is where using the Content Aware Tool in Photoshop can come in very very very handy! (did I say that enough times??!! LOL)

Using the Content Aware Tool in Photoshop

Ever had someone spoil that perfect pic by photo bombing? Or something that just doesn’t look right in your shot that would be better removed?

We use the Content Aware Tool every day here at InkFX Printing from minor edits to major image enhancements. It’s generally super fast to use and will make your life a whole lot easier in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6 or CC

This video was recorded in CS5 but the principle is exactly the same in CS6 and CC. Firstly, make your selection of what you want to have removed and then hit Shift + Delete and choose ‘Content Aware’ to have Photoshop do it’s magic!

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