How to Quickly Tell if Your Image is the Right Ratio to Print

Hey there groovers, well in todays little tip I’m going to show you how to SUPER SUPER Quickly tell if your image is the right ‘Ratio e.g. Width and Height for the Canvas or Photographic Prints you want to order.

STEP 1: Select the Crop Tool.

STEP 2: Enter the Width e.g. 30 in or whatever you want to check. For this example let’s check to see if a 30″ wide by 20″ high will work.

STEP 3: Enter the Height (20 in), then click the TAB key or hit the Enter key.

Then our crop tool will show us, either it will go to the edges of our image or it will crop part of the top or the sides off. This does not actually crop our image UNTIL we click the Commit button, hitting enter/return or double clicking inside the crop area. If part of your image needs to be cropped that’s fine you can take care of it immediately and position the crop box where you want it on your image for the best result.

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