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How to Use the Content Aware Tool in Photoshop

As photographers and lovers of good images even though we’ll always try and do our best in camera to take the perfect shot sometimes unexpected things happen. This is where using the Content Aware Tool in Photoshop can come in very very very handy! (did I say that enough times??!! LOL)

Using the Content Aware Tool in Photoshop

Ever had someone spoil that perfect pic by photo bombing? Or something that just doesn’t look right in your shot that would be better removed?

We use the Content Aware Tool every day here at InkFX Printing from minor edits to major image enhancements. It’s generally super …

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How to Crop and Size Your Images

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial on Cropping and Resizing

Here at InkFX we see hundreds and hundreds of files every week from hundreds and hundreds of different photographers. Some Professionals, some Semi-Professional and some Amateurs, this is why we have made this article on How to Crop and Size Your Images and we hope you like it! 🙂

Some people know how to crop and size their images correctly and therefore get a consistent result every time with their …

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How to Use the Crop Tool in Photoshop

We see alot of files from our clients here at InkFX and many times we have to crop the images supplied by our clients. It is always better for you (our clients) to crop your images exactly the right size you want before supplying it to us.

Here’s a little video on Cropping that might help.

Here’s another one below from someone else.

Here’s an Elements 9 Tutorial on using the Crop Tool:

Here’s another Elements 9 Tutorial on using the Crop Tool too! 🙂

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How to Create Your Own Photoshop Brushes

Today I just wanted to share a Video with you that I created a little while ago. It has been reasonably popular. It’s really for the ‘creative’ type of people who would like to add a bit of spice to their images using brushes. This type of thing is great for Wedding Photography, Baby Photos and even portraits. You can add cool borders or effects and have total control over them!

If you enjoy the video please leave a comment below!

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How to Quickly Tell if Your Image is the Right Ratio to Print

Hey there groovers, well in todays little tip I’m going to show you how to SUPER SUPER Quickly tell if your image is the right ‘Ratio e.g. Width and Height for the Canvas or Photographic Prints you want to order.

STEP 1: Select the Crop Tool.

STEP 2: Enter the Width e.g. 30 in or whatever you want to check. For this example let’s check to see if a 30″ wide by 20″ high will work.

STEP 3: Enter the Height (20 in), then click the TAB key or hit the Enter key.

Then our crop tool will show us, either it will go to the edges of our image or it will crop part of the top or the sides off. This does not actually crop our image UNTIL we click the Commit button, hitting enter/return or double clicking inside the crop area. If part of your image needs to be cropped that’s fine you can take care of it immediately and position the crop box where you want it on your image for the best result.

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How to Size Your Images Correctly

UPDATE: It doesn’t matter now if you resize your images for print as we are more than happy to do that for you and this will also ensure you’re getting the highest quality resize/result for your images.

One of the biggest challenges or problems that we see with files that are submitted for printing are that they are not sized or in the correct dimensions for the size that is ordered correctly either the actual size of the image is too small or too big or the resolution is not correct.

Here’s a few instructions to help you get it right first time every time.

Go to IMAGE > IMAGE SIZE (In Photoshop or Elements or whatever program you’re using) If it’s not the exact same menu there will be something similar.

BUT, it is MOST important that your images are the correct RATIO for print. See below image. The only trick is to make sure that you have Unchecked ‘Resample Image’ (that means resize) and you don’t want to resize your image, you just want to see what dimensions that it will work with.

So this is where you can have some fun and just now enter whatever Width (24 as this example) or Height (36 as this example) that you want to check. If the dimensions match for the size you want to order that’s great and it means that your image does not need to be cropped to work.

If it does not match as example if you wanted a 24 x 36″ Print but you checked in here (IMAGE > IMAGE SIZE) menu and found that your image was actually 24.5″ x 36″ instead. All this means is that we have to crop 0.5″ off. Ideally you would crop it to the correct size that way you know exactly what has to be cropped and what can stay! Or if you want to trust us to do it that’s fine and we can email you a proof before printing so you can see what will be cropped etc.

Image Size Menu explained:

So for this image you can see that the size is set to 30 Inches by 30 Inches (Square) at 300 Pixels per Inch.

If 30 x 30″ was the finished size this would be perfect. But if the client wanted it to be 24 x 24″ or 12 x 12″ then it would be incorrect.

So what do you do or how do you make your image smaller? or Larger?

Let’s try a smaller one first. Here’s how it should look for a 12 x 12″ Image. After the settings are like this just click “OK” to apply them.

This will allow Photoshop to work it’s magic and resample the image. You don’t have to worry it will do a wonderful job and most importantly reduce the size of the file! That makes all of us happy!

You might be thinking or wondering what resolutions do I need to provide my images.

300dpi is great for all photographic prints at the FINISHED SIZE e.g. if it’s a 12 x 18″ that size and 300dpi. 300dpi works great for Canvas prints but 240dpi is fine too or even 210dpi is fine too. For a fine-art canvas I’d personally stick to 300dpi or 240dpi.

Now to enlarge your image your settings should look something like this:

You can see the size is set to 60 x 60″ the Finished size with 300dpi (PPI) as the Resolution and we’ve used Bicubic Smoother as the Interpolation method (that’s fancy talk for the way that Photoshop will interpret the data and how it will work out what new pixels to add to your image to make it look awesome!) – Don’t worry Photoshop does a good job at this.

If you want a better/best job you will want specialist enlarging software like Genuine Fractals ‘Perfect Resize Pro’ OR ‘PhotoZoom Pro‘ but normally Photoshop will be fine for enlarging up 200-300% But if you’re unsure or you don’t have the software leave it to us as we are happy to take care of this! 🙂 Just get your IMAGE SIZE RATIO correct and and give us the biggest file you have (most pixels) and we’ll be laughing!


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