New Improved *Superman Strong* Mailing Tubes

How exciting is it when you order some of your photos to get printed online (@InkFX of course!!) and then it arrives! You can’t wait to open your package and see what you ordered. Only to find that it’s been damaged in transit!! aaaaahhh!!! Total bummer!! Over the years we’ve sent out hundreds and thousands of photos to our clients. Unfortunately on the odd rare occasion we’ve had a few get damaged in transit

We would always reprint the photos for our clients at our expense no problemo, but it wasn’t an ideal situation having to reprint and then add the extra time to when our clients get their work in perfect condition.

We have searched and hunted around for quite a while looking for an alternative solution / supplier and we’re pleased to say that we have found a GREAT new supplier for our ‘Superman Strength’ mailing tubes.

To demonstrate their strength I thought I’d stand on one for you to see. Sure, I’m not the biggest dude around but I weigh around 70kg so that gives you a bit of an idea how strong they are.

Mailing Tubes

These mailing tubes are larger and much much stronger! The benefit of them being larger is there is less bend and being stronger is a huge benefit not having to wonder if they will arrive in perfect condition!

In some situations we can flat pack but that is only upon client request (special order).


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