Are you a Pro Photographer?


If you are then make sure you read on!

We’re currently looking for a few more Pro Photographers that would like to have their amazing work printed with a company that is obsessed with quality work and fanatical customer service.

Some of the benefits our Pro clients enjoy include:

  • Super Fast Turnarounds
  • Huge Discounts (From 10-50% off)
  • Free Shipping for All orders over $100
  • Highest Quality materials used
  • Personalized service (Call, TXT or Email us anytime!)
  • Super easy ordering Process (your details are stored for convenience, just login, add to cart and process!)
  • We can Drop Ship for you (Send your orders direct to your clients, no double handling!)
  • The opportunity to be featured on our Blog in our Photographer Spotlight section and have their best work featured!

We can take care of all of your paper Prints, Fine-Art Canvas and of course our insanely irresistible Aluminium HD Metal and Aluminium HD Metal (Framed – Italian Matte Black)

Aluminium HD Metal

Here’s our workshop the headquarters (HQ) where it all happens!

InkFX Workshop


If you’re considering having your work printed and are looking for a new printer call us today 1300 90 30 65 so we can get you set up (it takes about 30 seconds!)

Talk soon

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