Don’t buy another Chromaluxe Aluminium HD Metal Until You Read This

“Here’s A Very Limited Opportunity to Get Aluminium HD Metal Prints at 1/2 Price!”

For over 5 years, and making thousands and thousands of of amazing, beautiful Aluminium HD Metal Chromaluxe Prints and unfortunately that also means we’ve accumulated hundreds of ‘2nd’s’.

What’s a 2nd? It’s sheetstock that has a small often very tiny defect e.g. a pimple in the coating of the Aluminium HD Metal that is too big to be shipped as a ‘first’. Or a small chip on the edge. To be honest we’ve had many people call us after ordering a 2nd and say “Are you sure this is a 2nd??!! We can’t find anything wrong with it at all!!”

So to be honest when it’s on the wall there is a good chance that you will never see the ‘fault’ with it! If you order one that ‘needs’ to be framed we will call you before proceeding.


Another beautiful 30x40” Aluminium HD Metal Print for @francoisdetaille 💯🇦🇺🇫🇷 have an awesome weekend guys and gals 🤘 ...

18 1

24x48” Aluminium HD Metal Print framed in white ❤️❤️❤️ ...

14 2

Stunning 20x30” Fine Art Canvas 🔥Hot off the press 🇦🇺💪 Print your photos #inkfxprinting ...

3 1

Love this beauty 20x60” (50x150cm) Aluminium HD Metal Print ❤️👍 print your photos for the best results at InkFX 🇦🇺💯 ...

16 1

A beautiful photo printed on our Aluminium HD Metal 20x30” (50x75cm) 🇦🇺❤️👍 we make it easy to print any of your photos from your camera, or phone there’s always options 👌 you’ll be glad you did 💯 ...

10 2

Check this unreal Drone shot printed on our Award Winning Aluminium HD Metal 30x60” (75x150cm) 🇦🇺👌❤️ ...

9 0

More incredible art printed on our award winning Aluminium HD Metal ❤️👍🇦🇺 ...

9 0

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