Landscapes Competition Winner Derek Byrne

WOW!!! What a super cool competition. Some incredible entries. I’d like to thank everyone for entering and putting your art and incredible photography skills out there!

*****WINNER Derek Byrne*****

Here’s the link to the actual entry. Amazing Photo.

and here’s one of Derek’s other entries in the competition.

CONGRATS DEREK!!! 🙂 Well done. I’m looking forward to printing your winning Canvas!
We had so many amazing entries and here’s some of the Runner-Up’s + Commendable Mentions including:
Lee Henley with this amazing shot
Yhunski Suarez with this shot
Tim Flack with this shot
Natalie Gardner with this shot
Odille Esmonde-Morgan with this shot
– Michelle Litchfield
– Jason Stephens
– Jonathan Gardiner
– Julien Johnston
– Maureen Johnston
– David Haworth
– Deb Boyle
– Erin Cole
– Nicola Crim Brander
– Sharon Kavanagh
– Deb Boyle
Thank you to our Professional Judges (All excellent Photographers in their own right too!)
– Colleen Neumann
– Hope Copeland
– Jonathan Thomasen
– Amy Curran
They are all more than qualified to assist with the judging. Each incredible photographers in their own right. Some of them award winning photogs! 🙂 So big THANK YOU to them.
Moving Forward…
I’ve been busy making a list of competitions that we will be holding over the coming weeks. Some of the topics include:
1. Babies
2. Engagement & Couples
3. Floral / Nature
4. Speed & Motion
5. Depth of Field
6. Long Exposures
7. Abstract
8. Portraits
9. Food
10. Emotions
11. Black & Whites (again)
12. Fashion?
13. Off Camera Flash! 🙂
Please feel free to leave any comments below especially about any new competition ideas you may have that you think would be great!
Thanks heaps, it’s been a blast so stay tuned for our next competition coming in the next 24 hours!!!
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