Triptych (3-Piece Canvas) Prints


For your Triptych (3-Piece Canvas) you can either supply 1 image and we will slice it up into 3 seperate canvases for you - OR give us 3 individual images if you prefer to do the cutting and editing yourself.

A large print size like this will stand out in any room, making a big statement - or quietly adding to the ambiance of your home, depending on your needs. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of privacy to your personal space, brighten up a child’s room or fill up a loft or conference room with a thoughtful piece of art, a triptych is what you need. These unique pieces turn photographs and illustrations into pieces of art time and time again.

Most importantly, when you order with InkFX Printing, you know you’re getting the best large canvas prints money can buy in all of Australia. We were fortunate to win a medal in the State Queensland PICA / Printing Industries & Craftsmanship Awards (2014) for our Canvas; a testament to the care with which we produce each and every one of these pieces.

When you buy from us, you get a beautiful 380gsm Fine-Art Cotton/Poly Blend Canvas printed on the most technologically advanced printing equipment available.

Why Choose the Triptych?

Some images - like Francis Bacon’s Three Studies of Lucian Freud, sold for $179.4 million in 2012 - just look better as triptychs. At other times, the triptych is a great way to create a more immersive and unique experience with your canvas. It doesn’t matter whether you want to give viewers a taste of breathtaking ocean horizons, moonlit skies seen from the equator or computer-illustrated landscapes; the triptych makes whatever you want to show larger-than-life.

The cool part is, you can amplify the surrealistic, standout look of a triptych set by choosing to have it float-framed. That way, the pieces won’t simply incite curiosity by being physically separated from one another; they’ll look as if they’re literally floating over your wall, adding to the mystique.

The triptych is also a natural choice for anyone who wants to liven up their home and add a little brightness to it. When you opt for multiple art pieces, there’s no telling how they’ll look side by side - or if they’ll cover enough area for you to be delighted with the result. With the triptych, this is a non-issue, because not only do you know the size of the prints in advance; they’re sure to go together.

Why Customers Choose Us

Every other photoshop can print on canvas. In fact, there’s probably more than one that does in your city! Which begs the question of why people from all over Australia trust us with their large canvas prints.

The first answer to that is our enthusiasm. Our team, led by founder Shane Goldberg, has been working in this industry for over 22 years which should tell you how much we love and care about prints.

The second key element of our success is our investment in doing the best possible work for you. We’re always finding new equipment and new techniques for making our prints immaculate.

This may cost us more in the short run - but in an industry where many of our competitors are turning to cheap, chemically treated canvases that come from Asia, we pride ourselves on using first-rate materials, like our 380gsm canvas cloth, and being a business owned and operated by Australians.

This - we think - is why so many of our fellow countrymen choose to work with us.

Art That Lasts

The true hallmark of art is that it doesn’t lose value over time. Since we view our large print canvases as nothing other than art, we expect them to keep their looks for years and decades. After all, you want an art piece to last for generations, whether it was made by hand or printed by a next-generation machine; right? Right! And with us, we can make your triptych that kind of art-piece.

Don’t take our word for it, though: just look at our 100+ year guarantee. We personally promise that each and every canvas you order from our website will not fade for a century indoors - or three years when exposed to direct sunlight outdoors. This is the highest guarantee in our entire industry, and we couldn’t be more proud to offer it to you because we’re that confident in our services.

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