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Copyright and File Storage

InkFX Printing has the right to refuse the printing of any image that we feel does not comply with copyright laws or does not comply with our general morals and principles. InkFX Printing respects copyright laws, therefore your images will never be sold, printed or used by us in anyway unless with your written consent.

If you are unsure on any copyright laws you will find information available at these sites http://copyright.qantm.com.au/dig-copy-faq.htm and http://www.copyright.org.au/  

All images that are received via the InkFX Printing website will remain on secure servers for back up (for your convenience) for a period up to (it may be less) 30 days and without notification InkFX Printing can delete files stored to your account. 

If you would like InkFX Printing to immediately remove your files after the order has been received and fulfilled, please include this request in the ordering process and we shall do this right away. InkFX Printing ask that you back up your images elsewhere and do not use the InkFX Printing website as a storage facility.  

Our 100% Guarantee – Returns & Replacements

With Ink FX Printing, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are ever unhappy or upset with your order for *any reasonable reason, we will provide you with a full replacement, store credit or a refund. No hassle, No problems. Please contact us to arrange a store credit, replacement or refund. We may ask that you return the unsatisfactory items.   If any of the items are damaged in transit we will re-print them and send you a replacement. We will require photos of the damaged items, and the packaging emailed to info@inkfx.com.au before processing a replacement.  

If you request a refund, we’ll credit the account you used to place your order. If you request a replacement, we will arrange for you to re-order the original items at no charge.

We also guarantee that our Canvases will not fade for 200+ Years. We use Archival media, and genuine inks.


*This guarantee doesn’t cover you if you provide the wrong file or a file (e.g. you wanted to upload your photo of your Dog but you gave us a photo of your car instead!) or a file that has errors or incorrect colour. Sadly we’re not magicians or illusionists. We can only print the files that we’re provided with. If your file is messed up or we think there may be an issue we will strive contact you first to let you know!   

Our system is fully colour managed and we use a world class Photographic Specific Software RIP set-up exactly for our Printer, Inks and Paper & Canvas we print on to ensure we print your file exactly as it is supplied – In plain english that means there is no chance the file will print incorrectly even if your monitor is not calibrated or you are looking at your laptop screen in the sun – that is irrelevant, we will print what you give us true to that file. It may not look exactly the same as your screen as there are so many different variables e.g. the type of screen you have, the lighting in the room your screen is, the quality of your screen, it’s age, the ambient light, calibration and quality of calibration, your eyes and so on.

So if there is a variation from your screen and your end print that is ok, it just means we have printed your file exactly as you gave us and it could be any of those things above that has affected what you see and what you got.

If you have ANY questions or you’re unsure about colour management on your end PLEASE call us. We can advise you on all of these matters to ensure you’re getting the best result each and EVERY time!  

We print for some top professional photographers throughout Australia and we NEVER have any issues with colour management. Very, very rarely we get someone who may mention about a slight difference between what they see on their screen and the end result but this is always addressed by the issues above on their end as we have eliminated any possible mis-management on our end.   Canvas and Prints will fade if left in direct sunlight over time.  

User Account and Security

In the creating of an account with InkFX Printing, you agree to:

  • Provide a correct and current email address
  • Update your personal information so orders run smoothly and get delivery to correct addresses.
  • Never mislead InkFX Printing by impersonating any person or entity.
  • Continue to update your user password for your own security measures.
  • Be responsible! Everything you do on the website under your user account is your responsibility.            

If InkFX Printing wishes, they can terminate your account. InkFX Printing is not liable for any damage or loss if failure to follow these steps is not complied with.  

User Conduct

In using this website you agree not to:

  • Upload, post, email or otherwise transmit text, data, images and related materials that are obscene, unlawful, offensive, illegal (included trademarked, patented and copyright material).
  • Impersonate or mislead your true identity
  • Upload, download or otherwise transmit any software viruses or computer code including programs that could be used with intent to disrupt or interfere with the well being of this site and/or related servers.
  • Interfere with the security or functions to the site. Including the attempt to access or use any non-public sections of this site. This will lead to prosecution.
  • Download, copy, reproduce, republish or distribute any content, design and any other visual component of this site and any other related materials.

Public Reputation

You agree that you cannot use any product from the InkFX Printing range to discredit or offend InkFX Printing and it’s employees, owners and others involved.

Disclaimer of Guarantees

InkFX Printing does not guarantee any of the sites contents and your satisfaction of use of the website. All precautions are taken for the site to be secure and disruption free, however we do not guarantee against any problems or personal damages that may arise.

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