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Shane's Birthday Sale ALUMINIUM HD Only Packages
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Birthday Sale Aluminium HD Metal Only Packages:

2x Packs (2x Aluminium HD Metal Prints)

10x Packs (10x Aluminium HD Metal Prints)

41x Pack (41x Aluminium HD Metal Prints)

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A truly Unique High Quality Product to show off your Photography!

InkFX Metal/Aluminium prints are nothing short of breath taking! We must warn you once you see them you will be hooked! All produced inhouse here at InkFX Printing on the Gold Coast were we produce all of our products including our Aluminium HD Metal Prints.

They are printed on a High Gloss Quality Chromaluxe panels. Very vibrant and stunning. The colour reproduction on this media is insane! 

What type of photos look good on Aluminium HD Metal?

Great question and one that we get asked every day! To be honest everything from Baby Photos, Portraits, Family Portraits, Black and Whites to rich saturated Landscape Photos look amazing. The medium (Metal) itself is unique and incredibly classy to look at. It can make even an average photo look stunning! (it wont turn bad photography into good photography, but it will make a bad photo look like an amazing bad photo!!)

Do they come ready to hang?

Yes! They come with a hanger offset from the wall (shadow mounted). See photos above.

How Durable are InkFX Aluminium HD Metal Prints?

ChromaLuxe metal is incredibly tough. In fade tests, it lasted two to four times longer than the leading photo papers, and there is no need to protect it under glass.

Due to the tough sublimation coating, ChromaLuxe metal is also scratch resistant, stain resistant, waterproof, fire resistant, tear resistant, impervious to damage from tape or glue, and will not yellow with age. See the Durability Video below :) 

Our Aluminium HD Metal prints are printed on aluminum that has a special photographic coating. There can be minor imperfections such as small bumps on the surface. We inspect all sheets for imperfections and when we print it we take special care to position it so the imperfection is the least obvious as possible. We cannot remake prints due to these imperfections.


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OUR 100% GUARANTEE – RETURNS AND REPLACEMENTS With Ink FX Printing, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are ever unhappy or upset with your order for *any reasonable reason, we will provide you with a full replacement or a full refund. No hassle, No problems. Please contact us to arrange a refund or replacement. We may ask that you return the unsatisfactory items (we’ll pay for the shipping of course). If you request a refund, we’ll credit the account you used to place your order. If you request a replacement, we will arrange for you to reorder the original items at no charge. We also guarantee that our Canvases will not fade for 100+ Years. We use Archival media and eco-solvent Epson Genuine inks for the ultimate result. THE OBVIOUS STUFF THAT STILL HAS TO BE SAID… *This guarantee doesn’t cover you if you provide the wrong file or a file (e.g. you wanted to upload your photo of your Dog but you gave us a photo of your car instead!) or a file that has errors or incorrect colour. Sadly we’re not magicians or illusionists. We can only print the files that we’re provided with. If your file is messed up or we think there may be an issue we will strive contact you first to let you know! :) Our system is fully colour managed and we use a world class Photographic Specific Software RIP set-up exactly for our Printer, Inks and Paper & Canvas we print on to ensure we print your file exactly as it is supplied – In plain english that means there is no chance the file will print incorrectly even if your monitor is not calibrated or you are looking at your laptop screen in the sun – that is irrelevant, we will print what you give us true to that file. It may not look exactly the same as your screen as there are so many different variables e.g. the type of screen you have, the lighting in the room your screen is, the quality of your screen, it’s age, the ambient light, calibration and quality of calibration, your eyes and so on. So if there is a variation from your screen and your end print that is ok, it just means we have printed your file exactly as you gave us and it could be any of those things above that has affected what you see and what you got. If you have ANY questions or you’re unsure about colour management on your end PLEASE call us. We can advise you on all of these matters to ensure you’re getting the best result each and EVERY time! We print for some top professional photographers throughout Australia and we NEVER have any issues with colour management. Very, very rarely we get someone who may mention about a slight difference between what they see on their screen and the end result but this is always addressed by the issues above on their end as we have eliminated any possible mis-management on our end. Canvas and Prints will fade if left in direct sunlight over time.

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